Croatian Pavilion Zagreb, Inc

August 6-12, 2017 - West Kildonan Collegiate - 101 Ridgecrest Avenue

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BE A WILLING VOLUNTEER. Once you have agreed to volunteer your time to a given cause or event, make sure that you not only give it willingly but also that you appear to others to have given it willingly: do not say or do anything that would indicate otherwise. Particularly, do not imply by subtle remarks that you were dragged into volunteering. God loveth a cheerful giver.

MAKE YOUR ENERGY EFFECTIVE. Don't take on so much that you can't do the job properly. In particular, don't take on a responsibility just to prevent someone you don't like from taking on the job.

RADIATE ENTHUSIASM. For what you are doing so that you will contribute in a positive way to the morale of other volunteers. If you can't perform your volunteer task without grumbling at how difficult the task is, the job's too big for you. Get out of the way and let someone else do the job who will take pleasure in it.

BE LOYAL. Give the same loyalty to your organization, its officers and your fellow-volunteers as if your volunteer work was how you earned your living. Don't bad mouth anyone, ever.

DON'T BE AN ARMCHAIR GENERAL. He hasn't the right to criticize who hasn't the heart to help. If one of your responsibilities is to assess the performance of others, remember to criticize in private; praise in public.

BE GENEROUS. Make the words "thank you" the most commonly used words in your vocabulary.

VALUE THE TIME OF OTHERS. Be punctual. Just because you're a volunteer doesn't give you the right to keep others hanging about because you can't organize yourself to be on time. Value other people's time just as you want your own time to be valued.

DON'T BE A GOSSIP. Discourage fellow volunteers (and even paid staff) from imparting "secrets" to you that are damaging to other volunteers. Be your own person. Belong to no cliques. Don't load yourself with other people's baggage.

NEVER THREATEN TO QUIT without actually quitting. A threat to quit is valueless the second time you utter it. Unless you stood by that threat the first time, you will become marked as the kind of insecure person who uses threats as a ploy to get their own way.

SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE. Above all, teach another volunteer as much about your job as you can, so that if anything happens to you, the organization or the event is not left in the lurch.



If you have a helping hand, and a willing heart callĀ 

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."

Volunteer on your own or with a group of friends!!

Benefits of volunteering:

- make new friends
- serve your community
- re-connect with your culture
- meet old friends
- free meal and beverage

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"Volunteers are not paid -- not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless."