Croatian Pavilion Zagreb, Inc

August 6-12, 2017 - West Kildonan Collegiate - 101 Ridgecrest Avenue

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Here are some basic expressions that should help you during your visit to our pavilion.

Top 10 phrases

Hello/Hi Bog or Bok Bawg or Bawk
Goodbye Doviđenja Daw-vee-je-nya
Good morning Dobro jutro Daw-braw yoo-traw
Good day Dobar dan Daw-bar dan
Good evening Dobra večer Daw-bra ve-cher
Good night Laku noć La-koo nawch
Yes Da Dah
No Ne Ne
Please Molim Maw-leem
Thank you Hvala Hva-la

More usefull phrases

Where is.. Gdje je.. Gdye-ye
Is there.. Ima.. Eema
There isn't.. Nema.. Ne-ma
I would like.. Želim.. Zhe-leem
Entrance Ulaz Oo-laz
Exit Izlaz Eez-laz
Open Otvoreno Ot-vor-eno
Closed Zatvoreno Zat-vor-eno
WC Zahod Za-haw-d


0 Zero Nula Noo-la
1 One Jedan Je-dan
2 Two Dva Dva
3 Three Tri Tree
4 Four Četiri Che-tee-ree
5 Five Pet Pet
6 Six Šest Shest
7 Seven Sedam Se-dam
8 Eight Osam Aw-sam
9 Nine Devet De-vet
10 Ten Deset De-set


Learn Croatian

Even if you have little time or no inclination to go deeply into learning Croatian, I recommend learning a few simple phrases. In fact, I think it's only polite to at least learn how to meet, greet and thank in Croatian.

There's a lot of shooshing and tch-tching in Croatian. Here are some consonants you will encounter as you make your way through Croatian.

Letter Pronunciation
C ts as in 'bats'
Č ch as in 'cheese'
Ć ch as in 'future'
Đ j as in 'jeans'
dj as in 'adjust'
J y as in 'yes'
LJ ly as in 'billion'
NJ ny as in 'canyon'
Š sh as in 'push'
Ž zh as in 'measure'

Who's Online

We have 9 guests online

Big thank you to all the volunteers

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it to happen, others make it happen."